Who We Are

Want to receive customized, world-class cleaning while providing meaningful work for people who face barriers to employment?

Clean Ventures offers a highly-trained, highly-skilled workforce from many backgrounds: people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, newcomers, and those living with disabilities.


What started as a collision of great ideas is now an innovative social enterprise for Manitoba Possible. Through our experience delivering world-class commercial cleaning service to world-class venues like the Assiniboine Park Zoo, Qualico Family Centre, and the Pavilion at Assiniboine Park, our staff and our organization have found a winning model. We’re confident onboarding businesses of any size and cleaning needs.


We learned a lot about what makes our staff and a business comfortable with our services – and it has a lot to do with our custom orientation process.


Now that we’ve figured out the path, everyone benefits from the outcome: great cleaning service for a competitive price; fair wages plus benefits to our diverse workforce; and a business model that helps Manitoba Possible pave the way for a more inclusive society.