Clean Ventures staff are professional and respectful cleaning experts! Have something you need cleaned that isn't on this list? Reach out to us!

Sanitation and Custodial Services

  • Vacuum, sweep, mop and spot clean floors

  • Empty trash containers, replacing with new trash liners

  • Clean and sanitize restroom areas, disinfect toilets, urinals sinks and showers

  • Spot clean walls (exterior/interior)

  • Maintain custodial closets

  • Empty cigarette receptacles 

  • Window cleaning up to six feet high


Inventory Control and Distribution

  • Keep track of supply levels and equipment, making sure adequate supplies and levels are available

  • Receive, unload, inventory and maintain supplies for storage areas

  • Restock and distribute supplies as requested to appropriate buildings

  • Keep storage areas organized and free of clutter, disposing of cleaning containers in the appropriate manner

  • Refill all supplies and paper products in restrooms


  • Laundry services

  • Special event support

  • Graffiti removal